Welcome to Castle Foundry - Does your terrain stack up?


ou want Castle! for your gaming table. Your minis want it. It looks amazing right out of the box. It even feels amazing. It is modular and infinitely interchangeable. It stacks. Even better, it unstacks. You can easily remove the various floors of your Castle! and put them back on as you move up and down during gameplay. You can build an awesome Wizard’s tower as tall as yourself and game all the way up. Then you can break it down, box it up, take it to a friend’s house and build something completely different, but just as awesome. Then do it again.



e are Jeremy Lehrman and William Chesser and twelve years ago while driving home from a gaming convention we had a vision for a modular, stackable building system for our tabletop gaming sessions. Since then we have worked through many design iterations and prototypes to make this vision a reality. Check out this video to learn more about Castle! and then click over to our Kickstarter page and consider backing us so you can get some Castle! on your gaming table!




Modularity has always been one of our focuses and is what makes our construction system so powerful.  The pieces of Castle! work together to give you the most bang for your buck, but just because you can build awesome castles with our product doesn’t mean you have to.  You can build towers, outposts, courtyards or even just wall to fight over.  What you do with it is only limited by your imagination.  That way you get something new every time you put Castle! on the tabletop.


Not that you need it, but sometimes you want a tower as tall as you are.  Castle! lets you do just that, creating flexible buildings of any height.  The nice thing though is, when you’re done you can take it all apart so you don’t have to try and store that tall, tall tower ;)

Fully textured

Castle! is fully textured on all the surfaces you’ll see when you’ve got something built.  It’s got a look and feel that makes you think of real stone.  This is part of what makes it look so incredible on the tabletop.


Not everyone has the time to devote to scratch-building awesome tabletop terrain, which is why Castle! comes hand-painted and ready to use out of the box.  You’ll have more time to actually focus on the things you enjoy whether it’s figure painting or getting a game on the table.


Castle! is hefty, made of a very dense, high-quality resin.  We’ve dropped some prototypes more than once and can say they are quite durable.  Unless the entire box of them falls off your workbench onto the solid concrete floor (Jeremy did this) and then, sure, you can expect some damage to occur.  On the plus side we discovered that they glue back together almost seamlessly for simply fractures so… Please do not throw or drop on hard objects :)